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 The ProTech 177 Window Series

More than thirty years of research and development are built into every fully welded Pro-Tech 177 Series replacement window, producing state-of-the-art designs using advanced production techniques. A technologically advanced fabrication process allows compound shapes to be fusion welded at sill corners, producing a window that is actually stronger than conventional welded windows. Innovative technology means unparalleled styling and top performance for homes of distinction.

Engineered Features and Benefits You Can Expect

  • Heavy Walled Construction: 0.080" thick walls
  • Deeply Pocketed Head: With weatherstripping to resist air infiltration
  • 7/8" Insulating Glass: With optional Low ‘E’ coating specifically chosen for maximum regional thermal efficiency
  • Dual Tilt In Sashes: Both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning
  • Die Cast Cam Lock and Keeper: Cam action actually draws sash closer together for positive lock
  • Interlocking Meeting Rail: Integral interlock provides additional security.
  • Three Layers of Weather Stripping: With double mylar fins for resistance to air and water infiltration
  • Flexible Bulb Seal: Provides a superior high performance weather seal like a refrigerator door
  • Positive Sloped Sill: Provides water runoff, even in driving rain
  • Fusion Welded Frame and Sash: The utmost in strength and integrity
  • Warm Edge Technology: Low-Conductivity spacer provides barrier to heat transfer in insulating Glass unit
  • Night Vent Latch: Allows for ventilation with security.
  • Low Profile Routered-in Tilt Latches: Color matched low profile latches for a neat appearance
  • Aluminum Reinforcement: Provides structural integrity in both sashes
  • Stainless Steel Constant Force Balance: Trouble free, maintenance free. Provides smooth operation
  • Fully Welded Double Wall Interior Dam Leg: With fin-seal weather-stripping for improved strength and optimal air and water performance.
  • Storm Interlock: Integral sill and meeting rail lock and prevents sash from bowing under structural stress.

Be Comfortable With Your Energy Bill

The clear appearance of High Performance LowE insulating glass permits 64% of the sun’s natural light to enter your home while blocking 72% of its heat energy. That means you can expect a summer cooling cost savings of up to 25% and lower your heating cost by cutting heat loss by nearly 50%.

The microscopically thin heat reflective coating blocks solar energy in the summer and reduces the escape of heat in the winter without altering the appearance of your window inside or out.

Superior Energy Savings Performance

177 Double Hung: U-Value .26 / R-Value 4

*With SB70 LowE and Insulated Frame and Sash. *Optional

Superior energy savings and thermal performance of .26 U-factor exceeds all NFRC and ENERGY STAR requirements.

DuraliteTM Spacer System

Duralitespacer      Lowest conductivity warm edge spacer

     Improved condensation resistance

     Superior argon gas retention

     Unique patented design

                                             Exceeds ENERGY STAR requirements


Optional Glass Packages

Insulating glass maintains comfort, saves energy, and reduces outside noise. Pro-Tech 177 Series Window System insulating glass is made with the following high quality elements.

  • Optional Low E Glass with Argon gas
  • Optional UltraFlect Dual LowE with Argon
  • Optional Double Strength Glass
  • Optional Tempered Safety Glass
  •  Standard Warm Edge Spacer